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This Customer Relationship Management application will be used to manage Real Estate processes, including listing, renting and selling properties as well and payment and contract management. The goal is to provide real estate brokers, property owners and tenants an all inclusive portal to use to handle all actions related to their associated properties including but not limited to: listing all available properties, adding, updating and removing listings, handling property visit requests, submitting and handling maintenance requests, rent or purchase payment, messaging, and contract signing. There will be three different types of that access this application owners, brokers and tenants and each will have a different set of actions that they can carry out.

This project is still under construction by a small team of developers. Since this product will be sold, preview of the live site is unavailable. For now, check out the GitHub repository containing my code for the Phase 1 front-end application.


I worked on this project for 7 months and was responsible for designing the application UI as well as developing the initial version of the front-end application for this CRM. I was responsible for building out all front-end product features including authentication, creating private routes for different users, building different views and permissions for each user role, creating property listing functionality, building out a messaging system, storing all transaction history, and contract signing. I built the initial design mockup in AdobeXD, used React to handle the entirety of the Front-End build. The Back-End developer and project manager was building out a REST API alongside my work, which I then used to add Front-End functionality to all the necessary components.

Technologies Used:

  • AdobeXD
  • CSS
  • React
  • RESTful APIs