photo of healthy plate home page

This project was built to help individuals interested in expanding the diversity of their diets explore new food options. It allows the user to search for any food and learn more about its origins and nutritional information. Additionally, it provides the user with a list of recipes that include the searched food and allows for filtration based on dietary needs. As someone with a history in the fitness industry, I wanted to create something that would help others make healthier choices.


This functionality for this project was built using jQuery and uses 3 different APIs to populate the 3 different widgets on the page. The top widget on the left uses the Wikipedia API to display a short summary of the searched food. The top widget on the right uses the Nutrient Database API to showcase the nutritional value of each item. The final bottom widget used the Edamam API to fetch recipes that include the searched food. You can filter the recipe results by dietary restriction, diet type and number of results, all of which, when selected, update the call to the Edamam API.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery
  • RESTful APIs