performance coach landing page

This website was built for a personal trainer looking to promote his personal training business by creating an online platform to further share his ideas and knowledge. Current and prospective clients are able to use this site to find information regarding his business, services, training policies and contact information. This site also contains a blog where Jake is able to add, edit and update all blog posts at his convenience.


Since one of Jake’s main requirements for this process was a blog he could regularly access to create new content, I decided to use Wordpress to handle this functionality to reduce friction during the content creation process. For the site itself, I wanted to create custom markup and styling for all of the pages outside of the blog, so I created and edited my own child theme to fulfil this requirement. This allowed me to maximize creativity and code out the desired markup and styling, while still being able to deliver a tried and tested, easy to use blogging platform for my client.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress