photo of anatomy quiz app

This short quiz allows you to test your anatomy knowledge against a question bank of 10 questions covering a range of topics. The player is scored based on how many answers they get right and will be provided feedback at the end. Learning about anatomy and physiology was my favorite topic in school and I hoped to build something that would help keep that knowledge up to date.


This application was built using jQuery for the logic and HTML and CSS to display the content. All of the questions were stored in a large Javascript object in a separate file, which were then pulled in as the player clicked through the questions. A counter keeps track of the number of questions that a player has clicked through as well as the number of questions that a player has successfully answered. These variables are updated with each turn. The HTML for each question is dynamically generated and loaded to the page once the question has been selected.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • jQuery